Massachusetts Boating Industry 101



The below information should be helpful if you are just learning about the boating industry in Massachusetts and some of the opportunities available as you get started.

1) What exactly is the "boating industry" in Massachusetts?

Our state's boating industry encompasses approximately 150,000 registered and documented boats. The economic impact of the recreational boating industry in Massachusetts is approximately $4.4 billion. There are approximately 20,000 recreational boating industry jobs and approximately 1,100 industry-related businesses in the state. Jobs and careers within the industry include: inboard/outboard motor technician, diesel engine technician, sterndrive technician, electronics technician, fiberglass technician, sales staff, dockmaster and marina staff, administration and finance staff, front desk staff, travel lift operator, yard staff, painter, electrician, parts specialist and many more.

2) Tell me more about the current jobs/careers available within the industry and what may be available in the future.

In April 2016, the Massachusetts Marine Trades Educational Trust (MMTET) designed a workforce survey that focuses on just this question. The study provides detail on the current workforce in Massachusetts and the projected workforce shortage over the next few years. You can access the study at our Jobs/Career website - at the bottom of the page.

3) As a new employee within the boating industry, what can I expect as a salary or hourly wage?

This is a common question within the industry and is ultimately based on the hiring business. It can also vary by location throughout the state. What we can say is that if you work hard, are passionate about what you do and continue to grow within the industry you can very easily create a sustainable career for yourself. In addition the MMTET designed a wage and benefits survey in October of 2018. You can access the study at our Jobs/Career website - at the bottom of the page.

4) What schools in our area offer training that would prepare me for a career within the boating industry?

Here is a link to the current list of boating industry training schools that the Massachusetts Marine Trade Association (MMTA) currently works with:

5) Are there scholarship opportunities available if I am interested in attending a boating industry related school?

Yes. MMTET offers a scholarship program for Massachusetts residents pursuing training within the boating industry. Find more information on the program and how to apply at:

6) What suggestions do you have for me as I start to explore the career opportunities within the boating industry?

Ask questions and do your research. This is probably one of the most important parts of looking at any new opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about the boating industry specifically in Massachusetts, I would suggest a couple avenues for getting started in gathering more information:

Mass Marine Trades Association (MMTA) members. You can search for MMTA members by location on our main website. Feel free to contact the businesses and ask them questions, set up a time to visit and learn more about what they do. They are happy to help. Visit: to find members near you.

MMTA and MMTET board members. Feel free to reach out to them with questions you may have. You can find names and contact information for the trust's board members at: and for the association's board members at:

7) What are the current job/career opportunities available?

As part of our new website, we created a jobs/careers listing board for our members to post positions that are open for hire at their business. This is just a small sample of the opportunities that are currently available. But it will give you a better idea of the positions available and the expectations of employers. Here is the link to the site for MA Boating Jobs/Careers listings:

8) Why should I work in the boating industry?

The boating industry is amazing to be a part of. Those of us fortunate enough to work in boating get to serve a clientele that is typically very happy, as they're participating in a recreational hobby they love. The boating industry is filled with both passionate boaters as well as workers who enjoy being on or around the water. We love what we do and enjoy going to work. You may have heard it said before -- and it is true -- no matter what work you choose, if you enjoy it, it will make your career a lot more enjoyable and sustainable. Why not find out for yourself if a career in the boating industry is for you!